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Budget accommodation in Dubai is becoming more popular

Budget accommodation in Dubai is becoming more popular

Dubai is synonymous with luxury and high comfort in everything. The residential sector here, as many people think, consists exclusively of expensive and very expensive real estate, available only to millionaires. But is it really so?

The truth is that there really is no substandard house or dubious building in Dubai. Taking into account that the city began to be built here only at the end of the last century, there are no old districts here either. However, there is economy housing, but in terms of its appearance and quality it significantly exceeds the assigned class. And now, according to the analytical information of the agency Asteco, the government of the country strongly supports city development with inexpensive real estate objects. What is it for?

Experienced and highly qualified specialists, who are always welcome in the UAE, are more willing to take a comfort-class apartment than a luxury one. There is also a category of young specialists, for example, in the IT field, who live by the principle of minimalism, and therefore do not see the point in exemplary luxury. Such professionals will not give up on comfortable conditions, but will be happy to purchase or rent housing at an affordable price.

Now the government is focused not on the tourism business, but on improving all economy spheres through the influx of foreign professionals. This means that developers will soon accept this vector.