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Inexpensive apartment by the sea found in Dubai

Inexpensive apartment by the sea found in Dubai

Residential segment of the United Arab Emirates pleases with a variety and high quality of construction. Investors from all over the world are closely following the developments in the real estate sector of this country, so as not to miss the opportunity to profitably invest. However, many aspiring businessmen hesitate to consider the country for investment due to the fact that they consider Arab housing to be extremely expensive. Is it really so?

As reported at the Emirates.estate portal, it is not at all necessary to possess hundreds of millions to purchase an apartment on the first coastline: the minimum cost of a residential property here is only 14.5 million rubles. This offer can be considered incredibly profitable given the fact that apartments are sold for the same price even in some cities of Russia.

According to an expert assessment of the news portal “Lenta.ru”, it is even cheaper to buy an apartment in Dubai on the secondary market away from the sea: a studio with an area of ​​32 square meters is put up for sale for 5 million.