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Real estate in Dubai for 136 dollars! Is it a joke?

Real estate in Dubai for 136 dollars! Is it a joke?

You will probably think that this cannot be. How can you become the owner of property by spending the same amount as on a round of golf? Yes, Dubai is known for its high entertainment prices. And it is true that 500 dirhams (136 dollars) is the price of entering a golf course or the cost of one fashionable T-shirt. How can it be that the apartment costs the same?

The answer is simple and complicated at the same time: SmartCrowd crowdfunding. In fact, 500 dirhams is the amount from which investors can now participate in joint investments. Of course, you do not become a full-fledged homeowner in terms of living or renting out your square meters. However, you are guaranteed to receive a title deed, and therefore you really turn into a real investor.

Previously, the minimum threshold for participating in SmartCrowd crowdfunding was 5,000 dirhams. The innovation will allow novice investors to try themselves in this profitable business, even with a small investment.