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Cheap apartments for sale in Jebel Ali

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Cheap apartments and flats in Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali is an area that is still not very well-known among tourists but it is attractive for those who want to move to the United Arab Emirates for permanent residence. The fact is that Jebel Ali has the cheapest apartments for sale in Dubai. Due to the lack of a large tourist flow, life can be calm and secluded in one of the fastest-growing cities on the planet.

Jebel Ali is attractive because there are many options for cheap property for sale in Dubai. The social infrastructure is highly developed and offers residents everything they need. The area even has a metro station so living here means you can get to other parts of the emirate without your car.

Before buying cheap apartments in Jebel Ali, you can come to this residential complex and get a sense of the level of comfort, entertainment, and amenities that will suit you. Before investing in buying real estate, try to rent a flat or a house in the area beforehand.

In Jebel Ali, many housing units are rented out for the long term at a favorable price. For example, you can rent a villa for AED 130,000per year or a small apartment for about AED 30,000.

In the residential sector, there are small but comfortable apartments with an area of 46 sq. m. The minimum area indicates that this is a studio apartment in which the living room is combined with a kitchen area. You can rent a studio for AED 23,000.

It is also useful for you to know these prices if you want to invest in a flat in Jebel Ali to then rent out the purchased housing and earn money. You can find the cheapest apartments in Jebel Ali in the districts of JAFZA and Jebel Ali Hills.

Apartment prices

If you are about to invest in a flat in Jebel Ali, you should know what to expect. The real estate market of Jebel Ali is mainly represented by land plots, warehouses, and commercial properties as the district is an industrial and manufacturing sector. However, you can find a lot of residential facilities here as well.

You can buy a cheap apartment in Jebel Ali for AED 350,000. In this case, you will get an excellent comfortable studio. Single apartments cost more at around AED 500,000and up. A 2-room apartment can also be bought at an affordable price of only AED 900,000.

Buy a cheap flat in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

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