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  • Q3 2021: The residential real estate market reported transactions totalling $ 9.2 billion

    The total transaction value of residential real estate increased by 10% when compared quarter-on-quarter. In the second quarter of 2021, the total amount of transactions amounted to $ 8.4 billion, in the third quarter - $ 9.2 billion. This result exceeded the last quarterly record of $ 8.6 billion recorded in the fourth quarter of 2013. Finished...

  • Developers provide 58.76% of all real estate transactions

    Traditionally, developers have dominated the primary real estate market during the planning or construction phase. The pandemic and the decline in demand led to the impossibility of implementing many projects at these stages, and they could be implemented only after completion as a finished property. Developers have sold 11 303 luxury real estate...

  • Foreign investors drive the growth of the real estate market

    In the first nine months of 2021, 43,299 real estate transactions were recorded with a total value of over $ 28.3 billion. Developers participating in the Cityscape Global exhibition held as part of Expo 2020 praised the role of foreign investors in the market recovery. Cityscape brought together more than 70 developers, consulting companies and...

  • Buying real estate in Dubai as a foreigner

    Non-residents can be daunted by buying real estate in Dubai. However, if you enlist the services of a trusted specialist with extensive experience, the process will turn to be less complicated. In 2021, a great number of investors and wealthy individuals have become interested in how to buy real estate in Dubai on the back of the booming UAE...

  • Dubai housing market trends and prices

    The real estate market in the UAE has been rapidly recovering since the end of 2020, with Dubai’s residential sector seeing the largest number of transactions. Let’s look at the current prices and trends in the UAE housing market in more detail below. Contents UAE housing market forecast for 2022 Post-pandemic property prices in...

  • How to get a Dubai residence permit?

    Many foreigners decide to buy a cheap apartment in Dubai and move to the UAE. Moving to Dubai entails a lot of questions and nuances, including obtaining a residence permit. In the United Arab Emirates, a residence visa grants permanent residence and privileges that UAE citizens have. It enables an expat to legally stay in the country for...

  • How to buy a property in Dubai if you are a non-resident foreigner?

    Dubai is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourism and business, so real estate is regularly bought and sold here. Many of those who are interested in moving to Dubai are wondering whether to rent an inexpensive apartment in Dubai or buy a home using a mortgage. Thousands of expats embrace the second option. Let’s find...

  • Standard of living and prices in the UAE

    The United Arab Emirates is among the most prosperous countries in the world. It is widely popular for its luxury way of living. Dubai, the most progressive and technologically advanced of all the emirates, plays an important role in the UAE. It’s not cheap to live there. This is due to a combination of factors including exemplary...

  • Inexpensive apartment by the sea found in Dubai

    Residential segment of the United Arab Emirates pleases with a variety and high quality of construction. Investors from all over the world are closely following the developments in the real estate sector of this country, so as not to miss the opportunity to profitably invest. However, many aspiring businessmen hesitate to consider the country for...

  • Cheap apartments for rent in Dubai: where to find?

    The cost of apartments for rent in Dubai varies not only depending on the footage and the number of bedrooms. Moreover, a significant pricing factor is property location - what area it is located in, what part of the community it is and what views are open from the windows. Analytical agency Asteco informs which areas should be addressed to...

  • Available apartments in Dubai: new offer from Azizi

    Azizi is a development company in the United Arab Emirates that has announced the start of new projects. Right now, the new acquired land is being developed by the company: Azizi announced that it has bought new plots in Meydan (Dubai Meydan), near which the Dubai One Tower under construction is located. This building should become a new landmark...

  • Inexpensive housing in Dubai during the velvet season - myth or reality?

    Travel service OneTwoTrip deals not only with vacation offers and destination reviews. The company has its own analytical department, which regularly reviews the information from the point of view of drawing up hit parades - identifies the most popular, inexpensive, comfortable, etc. places among the tourist destinations. And now, when the velvet...

  • The cheapest apartment by the sea was in Dubai

    The new ranking of the UAE, compiled by experts from Emirates.Estate, includes real estate from different emirates, including Dubai, a city of luxury and wealth. When compiling the list, only one parameter was taken into account - it should be housing located in the United Arab Emirates next to the sea. There is an opinion that such objects cost...

  • How to rent a cheap apartment in the middle segment of Dubai

    Finding a cheap apartment in Dubai is not a myth, but an existing reality. The UAE market is filled with luxury offers, but a closer look at the expats will find themselves at a decent price tag for apartments, including those located in good neighborhoods. It should be understood that by Dubai standards, economy housing is not equal to that in...

  • Budget accommodation in Dubai is becoming more popular

    Dubai is synonymous with luxury and high comfort in everything. The residential sector here, as many people think, consists exclusively of expensive and very expensive real estate, available only to millionaires. But is it really so? The truth is that there really is no substandard house or dubious building in Dubai. Taking into account that the...